New Technique could make Captured Carbon more Valuable

Carbon capture could help the nation’s coal plants reduce greenhouse gas emissions, yet economic challenges.

Diabetes Drug can Cure Breast Cancer

The drug metformin, typically prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes, keeps breast cancer cells from.

Eco-friendly plastic substitute could reduce dependency on fossil fuels: Indian scientists

Indian scientists have created an environmentally-friendly material from renewable natural marine resources that could eventually.

Structure of anxiety disorder protein revealed

New research has revealed the crystal structure of a key protein, TSPO, which is associated.

Scientists discover way to unboil egg

Researchers have managed to unboil an ordinary boiled egg, and the results may have implications.

drug delivery mechanism
New mechanism to enhance drug delivery

Researchers at the University of Warwick in Britain have developed a new “triggered-release” mechanism that.

Yak dung polluting indoor air in Tibetan households

Burning of Yak dung is leading to pollution of indoor air in Tibetan households

3D Printing with Nucleic Acid Adhesives
DNA ‘glue’ can help grow tissues, organs

DNA molecules can act as a glue to hold together 3D-printed materials that could be.

Fish compound can fight against heart disease

A peptide originally found in fish could be used in the battle against cardiovascular disease,.

Pill for weight loss
Now a pill that tricks the body into losing weight

Salk researchers have developed an entirely new type of pill that tricks the body into.