Structure of anxiety disorder protein revealed

New research has revealed the crystal structure of a key protein, TSPO, which is associated.

Scientists discover way to unboil egg

Researchers have managed to unboil an ordinary boiled egg, and the results may have implications.

3D Printing with Nucleic Acid Adhesives
DNA ‘glue’ can help grow tissues, organs

DNA molecules can act as a glue to hold together 3D-printed materials that could be.

Pill for weight loss
Now a pill that tricks the body into losing weight

Salk researchers have developed an entirely new type of pill that tricks the body into.

Designer antibiotic could eliminate risk of hearing loss

A new version of a common antibiotic could eliminate the side effects associated with the.

RCQ protein
Researchers detect new role for proteins

A study has shown for the first time that the building blocks of proteins can.

Making the most of a shitty situation – What the “fecal prints” of microbes can tell us about Earth’s evolution

Everything that eats must excrete, and microbes are no exception.

Molecule identified to fight oxidative stress

Investigators at the University of Missouri, US have discovered a molecule that treats oxidative stress

Monkey lesson: Eat less to live longer

Monkeys on a reduced-calorie diet live longer than those that can eat as much as.

New Inhibitors of Elusive Enzymes Promise to Be Valuable Scientific Tools

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have discovered the first selective inhibitors