Motion technology to detect alien life

Scientists have developed a motion detector to isolate and detect vibrating living cells which

Designer antibiotic could eliminate risk of hearing loss

A new version of a common antibiotic could eliminate the side effects associated with the.

RCQ protein
Researchers detect new role for proteins

A study has shown for the first time that the building blocks of proteins can.

Russian scientists develop Ebola vaccine

A group of Russian scientists has developed a vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus and.

Synthetic molecules that mimic human antibodies

Researchers from Yale University have crafted the first synthetic molecules that have both the targeting.

Novel way to control internal body clock

The discovery of a small molecule that controls internal body clock can help manage circadian.

Novel trap to kill bedbugs forever

Biologists from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia have developed the first effective

Making the most of a shitty situation – What the “fecal prints” of microbes can tell us about Earth’s evolution

Everything that eats must excrete, and microbes are no exception.

Dutch Researchers Develop Smart Membranes

The pore size of the smart membranes can be adjusted from the outside: this is.

Molecule identified to fight oxidative stress

Investigators at the University of Missouri, US have discovered a molecule that treats oxidative stress