Zinc deficiency erodes immune system

American scientists have uncovered a biological mechanism by which zinc deficiency develops with age eroding.

Researchers Reveal the Physiological Role of a Novel Hormone FNDC5/irisin

A research team led by Dr. Christos Mantzoros, MD, PhD, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical.

Graphene coating renders copper corrosion free

A thin coating that is not visible to the human eye could make copper nearly.

New Chemistry Technique Reproduces Nature’s Elusive Complexity

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have shown how to synthesize in the laboratory an.

Venom from snakes could save lives too

Snake venom could become the source of life-saving drugs for cancer, diabetes and high blood.

Ultrasound helps drugs get under your skin

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineers have found a way of harnessing ultrasound waves for.

Cholesterol inhibitors block lymphatic vessel growth

One of the world’s top selling drugs potentially also acts against the growth of new.

Soon, computers to predict negative side effects of drugs

A new set of computer models has been able to successfully predict negative side effects.

New therapeutic target against atherosclerosis identified

Scientists have found a possible new therapeutic target against atherosclerosis resulting from a diet high.

Detox diets’ ‘health boost’ claims unfounded, says expert

A leading scientist has rubbished claims that so-called “detox” diets can boost health and cleanse.