Coming soon: apps to help prevent sexual assault!

Two applications, which aim at preventing sexual assault and abuse particularly in college campuses, will be available for free by next year.

The applications had won the ‘Apps against abuse’ technology challenge that had been launched in July by Joseph Biden, Vice President of UK in an effort to harness mobile technology to fight sexual abuse.

The applications “Circle of 6” and “OnWatch” offer users immediate ways to get help and let friends know they’re in trouble and where they are.

“Kids need to be able to communicate through the devices they actually use,” the Christian Science Monitor quoted Biden as saying.

“A young woman with this app could use the app to send a message, with her location, to family, friends, or the campus police,” he said.

Circle of 6 asks users to add five contacts to their “circle” and when in a threatening or difficult situation, they can tap on an icon to either send a message to all five contacts, call them, ask for advice or automatically call the “Love is Not Abuse” hot line.

OnWatch asks users to set up a list of “anytime, anywhere, any reason” friends and allows users to write an advance message, set a timer and cancel the message if everything is fine or have it go out when the timer elapses.

It also has a “panic” button that the user can hit that both calls 911 and sends a text message and an e-mail to the pre-set contacts.

“With these applications, a personal electronic device becomes a powerful tool to help young women and men protect themselves, and their friends, from becoming victims of violence,” Biden added.

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