Coming soon, thorium-powered car that could last for 300,000 miles

A U.S. Company has announced a new design for a thorium engine that could be used in a future car.

The idea is to provide engine power that’s cost-effective and perfectly safe for consumers, Fox News reported.

Charles Stevens, CEO and Chairman of Laser Power System, a small R and D start-up in Connecticut, said that his design uses just eight grams of thorium to run for years.

The engine uses a laser that gets its energy from the decaying material to produce steam for an on-board turbine that runs a generator to power electric motors.

The exact specifications for how this would work are still under wraps.

Stevens said just one gram of thorium would provide the equivalent of 7,500 gallons of gasoline, so a thorium-powered car could last for 300,000 miles or 5,000 hours of driving between fill-ups, by his calculations.

Further, the 200-250kW (268-335 horsepower) thorium engine would last for the typical life of a car.

Most owners would never need to refuel and, for those in it for the very long haul, an engine swap complete with fresh thorium could be done at a dealer for a few thousand dollars, Stevens added.

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