Coming soon: Winged helicopter and electric plane

Eurocopter is set to debut the aerial prowess of its X3 rotocraft at the upcoming Paris Air Show.

The aircraft is essentially a helicopter with wings that has already clocked speeds of 232 knots (266.98 mph) in test flights.

The X3 has the vertical take-off and manueverability of a copter but the high-speed capabilities of a plane, reports the Discovery News.

Although not as fast as the U.S.-made Sikorsky, which has reached 250 knots, the X3 could be more cost-effective, according to the BBC.

EADS, which owns Eurocopter, has also recently proposed another futuristic aircraft that is still in the conceptual stages.

The Voltair is an all-electric, lightweight craft powered by lithium air batteries.

Current design calls for liquid nitrogen tanks that would be used to cool a superconducting, rear-mounted engine.

The plane is designed to make short trips carrying just 50 to 70 passengers.

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