Dating site booted out of eBay for auctioning date with ‘Virgin Mary’

An Internet dating site has been thrown off eBay after it auctioned a date with the ‘Virgin Mary’. showed Heather Seychelle as Mary in a nativity scene, wearing a low-cut blue robe, posing with Dorion Renaud, who played Joseph.

Controllers at eBay complained that it contained ‘adult content’ and pulled the listing.

“eBay accused us of posting adult content onto their website – but we simply uploaded portrait photos of our nativity stars as they appear on our home page in the hope we’d raise money for charity,” the Telegraph quoted Greg Hodge, Managing Director of the site, as saying.

“We were forced to quickly build our own auction platform and gather blind bids, through our website,” he said. is a global dating site with 730,000 members.

It only admits applicants who are voted in by existing members of the opposite sex, based on how attractive they find their photo and basic profile.

“I’m also not sure how our posting is adult content. Everyone is dressed and although Mary is busty, she has just given birth to Jesus,” Mr Hodge said.

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