Drone aircraft that can stay in air for 4 days set for maiden flight

A revolutionary drone aircraft that can stay in the air for four days at 65,000 feet is set to make its maiden flight in a few days.

The Phantom Eye, made by Boeing’s secretive Phantom Works division, is powered by hydrogen and is designed to carry out surveillance and reconnaissance missions while remaining at high altitude.

It will produce only water as a by-product.

Its inaugural flight will take place at Edwards Air Force Base in California and is expected to last between four and eight hours.

“Phantom Eye is the first of its kind and could open up a whole new market in collecting data and communications,” the Daily Mail quoted Darryl Davis, president of Boeing Phantom Works, as saying.

“It is a perfect example of turning an idea into a reality. It defines our rapid prototyping efforts and will demonstrate the art-of-the-possible when it comes to persistent intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

“The capabilities inherent in Phantom Eye’s design will offer game-changing opportunities for our military, civil and commercial customers,” Davis added.

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