African Deforestation is Slower than Estimated

The loss of forests in Africa in the past century is substantially less than previously.

World’s heaviest bony fish identified

A team of Japanese researchers has identified and clarified biological name of the world’s heaviest.

Sumatran Tiger Survival Threatened by Deforestation

A research expedition tracked endangered tigers through the Sumatran jungles for a year and found.

13% of sky covered by mysterious fast-moving gas, shows map

An Australian scientist has created the most detailed map ever of clouds of high-velocity gas.

Earthquakes in the Himalaya are bigger than in the Alps

Earthquakes in the Himalaya are bigger than in the Alps because tectonic plates collide faster,.

Study on Kyoto Protocol shows 100 percent compliance

All the countries who signed up to the Kyoto Protocol on climate change complied with.

Don’t blame the sun for global warming

A review of solar activity in the past 400 years has shown that the level.

India to explore mineral deposits off Mauritius coast

India will soon start exploration of mineral deposits, mainly polymetallic sulphides, along the 10,000 sq.

Submarine volcanoes may alter long-term climate: Study

Volcanoes hidden under the oceans may have a greater influence on our planet’s long-term climate.

Methane leakage from Arctic seabed for millions of years

Natural seepage of methane offshore the Arctic archipelago Svalbard has been occurring periodically for at.