How species shapeshift to tackle climate change

Some species can quickly shapeshift to cope with climate change without having to migrate or.

US coastal areas face major flood threats

Come 2050 and most of the US coastal areas are likely to be threatened by.

Scientists recreate stunning pictures of Yellowstone National Park’s hot springs how they appeared years ago

Researchers at Montana State University and Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences in Germany have created.

UN climate talks kick off in Peru

The annual UN global climate change talks started in the Peruvian capital Monday amid hopes.

Human-induced water vapour next climate threat

The rising levels of water vapour in the upper troposphere – a key amplifier of.

New approach to improve hurricane intensity forecast

In what could offer a new method to aid in storm intensity prediction of hurricanes,.

What makes cities warmer than countryside

Variation in how efficiently urban areas release heat back into the lower atmosphere – through.

How climate change affects parasites and disease spread

Though hosts might expand their geographical range due to global warming, the parasites do not.

Grant carbon, development space to developing countries: Survey

Against the backdrop of over 190 countries pledging emission cuts for the post-2020 period, the.

Leafing out and climate change

Global warming is generally expected to bring spring forward but a connected influx of plant.