pinholes solar cells
Pinholes are Pitfalls for High Performance Solar Cells

The most popular next-generation solar cells under development may have a problem – the top.

Bacteria powered fuel cells
Researchers develop fuel cells powered by bacteria

Researchers in Norway have succeeded in getting bacteria to power a fuel cell. The “fuel”.

solar park india
India to train army of solar technicians

With many state governments pushing for rooftop solar power, the need for solar technicians is.

Solar, wind power to become cheapest in Asia: Scientists

Finnish scientists believe that renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power

solar park india
Rajasthan to add 355 MW of solar power by April

The desert state of Rajasthan, which has a high level of solar radiation and large.

BioFuel Waste
How to make bio-fuels from wet farm waste

With pressure cooking, it is possible to turn even wet farm waste into bio-fuels, new.

Now generate green energy on-site from organic waste

Young Mexican entrepreneurs develop a bio-digestion plant capable of generating electricity from organic waste in.

Trashed laptop batteries to power homes

Researchers, including an Indian-origin scientist, from IBM have used discarded laptop batteries to create

Airbus teams up with Chinese firm to make green fuel

Airbus has signed a deal with Chinese biofuel producer ENN to jointly explore an alternative.

Windows could soon generate electricity from transparent solar cells

Researchers have developed a new transparent solar cell – an advance toward giving windows