Salinisation posing threat to Sunderbans: Study

Accumulation of salts in the soil leading to reduced fertility (salinisation) is a “poorly understood”.

US blizzard to affect 65 million across 18 states

As many as 65 million people across 18 states in the US ran the risk.

New sensor spots minute quantities of atmospheric mercury

Researchers have developed a new sensor to detect minute levels of mercury in the atmosphere.

US environmentalists target fracking in Gulf of Mexico

The Center for Biological Diversity has sued the US government, alleging it has failed to.

Vessel Xuelong icebraker
China to build fifth research station in Antarctica

The Chinese icebreaker research vessel Xuelong, which set sail in October, has begun preparations for.

Mobile tower radiation: No telling proof of adverse health impact

Seeking to allay fears among people about adverse impact of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from.

France says Lima accord essential to combat climate change

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius Sunday welcomed Lima accord on climate change which he said.

No direct link between mobile tower radiation, health: Centre

Indian Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad Wednesday said an expert panel set up.

Brown Bears spotted in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

For the first time scientist have captured images of brown bears within the Chernobyl Exclusion.

Scientists Developed Inexpensive Tidal Simulator for Ecological Studies

Rachel MacTavish is growing salt marsh plants in microcosms that replicate the tide. She assembled.