Earthquakes in the Himalaya are bigger than in the Alps

Earthquakes in the Himalaya are bigger than in the Alps because tectonic plates collide faster,.

India to explore mineral deposits off Mauritius coast

India will soon start exploration of mineral deposits, mainly polymetallic sulphides, along the 10,000 sq.

Methane leakage from Arctic seabed for millions of years

Natural seepage of methane offshore the Arctic archipelago Svalbard has been occurring periodically for at.

Anthropocene epoch began with first atomic blast: Researchers

The first atomic bomb blast July 16, 1945 marked the dawn of the Anthropocene era.

freezing technology
Novel minerals processing technique developed from waste water treatment

Freezing technology can be utilised in waste water treatment.

‘Human activity weakened four planetary boundaries for survival’

The accelerated impact of human activity has started to destabilise our own planetary life support.

Volcanic eruption not behind Neanderthals’ disappearance

While dismissing volcanic eruption as causing the disappearance of the Neanderthals, a new study shows.

New NASA instrument to accurately measure Earth’s soil

NASA is all set to launch an instrument that will measure the moisture lodged in.

Indian state Kerala seeks federal support to tackle sea erosion

The Kerala government has urged the Centre to make suitable amendments to rules to bring.

Earth grew new layer under Iceland volcano

By monitoring how magma flows through cracks in the rock away from a volcano, scientists.