Fiber optic sensors to improve landslide prediction

Detecting and monitoring both large landslides and slow slope movements could be a lot easier.

Friction and fractures inter-related, may explain earthquakes

In a major breakthrough that has implications for describing the mechanics that drive earthquakes, researchers.

Nature-inspired stronger materials a game-changer?

Drawing inspiration from the structure of bones and bamboo, researchers have created stronger, tougher materials.

World’s largest water reservoir found deep in earth

In what could quench the thirst of billions of people in the future, researchers have.

Has earth gobbled up giant craters?

Do you know that in past 3.5 billion years, over 80 asteroids – larger than.

Antarctic ice sheet collapse has begun, shows research

In an alarming find, scientists have discovered that the collapse of West Antarctic ice sheet.

Superfast solar winds trigger lightning bolts on earth: Study

Lightning on earth is triggered not only by cosmic rays from space but also by.

Our ancestors enjoyed summer holidays at Antartica!

If this information stands true, the history books have to be rewritten soon. According to.

Moon to brighten up your night life?

What if moon emits enough light to make the night sky brighter so that you.

Earth’s extinction rate highly exaggerated: Study

Contrary to the current belief that about half of earth’s plants and animals would go.