Captive breeding alters snail behaviour

Researchers have discovered that rearing snails in the laboratory can cause important changes in their.

Shark female found to hold sperms for almost 4 years

Biologists from the California Academy of Sciences have found a shark egg case dropped by.

Disco clams use flashing lights to keep predators at bay

A native of the Indo-Pacific region, the tiny disco clam (Ctenoides ales) gives

Dumpling squids prioritise sex over safety

Dumpling squids prioritise reproduction over safety, a new research shows.

Caribbean coral reefs may disappear within 20 years: Report

In 20 years’ time, most of the Caribbean coral reefs may disappear, since what is.

US calls for more efforts to protect oceans

US Secretary of State John Kerry said the oceans are facing threats from over-fishing, pollution.

Trash concentration in ocean as dangerous as climatic change

Large concentrations of trash in the oceans, also known as “plastic soups”, are as dangerous.

Marine algae show resilience to carbon dioxide emissions

A type of marine algae could become bigger as increasing carbon dioxide emissions are absorbed

Why the world’s biggest fish needs to swim near the surface

Whale sharks, the world’s biggest fish, can dive to chilly waters hundreds of metres deep.

Researchers find ‘killer solution’ for a reef killer

An Australia-based team of marine scientists has developed what