Submarine volcanoes may alter long-term climate: Study

Volcanoes hidden under the oceans may have a greater influence on our planet’s long-term climate.

Ear tag to help learn more about tuna

An ear tag for tunas – aimed at knowing more about the fish’s aquatic life.

Invasive Species could invade the Great Lakes by 2063

The Great Lakes have been invaded by more non-native species than any other freshwater ecosystem.

ship tracking area
Researchers develop new system to improve safety at sea

New satellite imaging concept proposed by University of Leicester-led team could significantly reduce search areas.

underwater drones
Underwater drone maps ice algae in Antarctica

An underwater drone is helping researchers map the distribution of ice algae on the underside

Climate change threat to mussels: study

The numbers of mussels could be threatened by climate change, as it has made oceans.

How the Sun could make sea water potable

A Britain-based firm Desolenator has developed a ground-breaking prototype that uses just the power of.

Mysterious ‘duck’ sound came from rare antarctic whales

They tracked this mysterious low-frequency sound in the southern ocean for decades but could not.

Voila! Life originated at deep sea vents

In the race to know how life finally originated on earth, a thrilling research now.

Can robots find remains of missing Flight 370?

Robots that can operate under water would now be deployed to search wreckage of the.