Location of the selected urban areas (sites) and their population range,
Urban areas experiencing intense heat waves globally

For the past four decades, global warming has increased dramatically in cities

New sensor spots minute quantities of atmospheric mercury

Researchers have developed a new sensor to detect minute levels of mercury in the atmosphere.

A new injectable device to track fish easily, quickly and safely

Fish no longer need to go under the knife to help researchers understand exactly how.

Genes decide colour diversity in coral reefs

Scientists from the University of Southampton have discovered the genetic basis which allows corals to.

whale bones hearing
Whales can hear through their bones

Using computer simulation of a fin whale head, scientists have discovered that the skulls of.

Bacteria powered fuel cells
Researchers develop fuel cells powered by bacteria

Researchers in Norway have succeeded in getting bacteria to power a fuel cell. The “fuel”.

Scientists ‘hunt’ singing blue whales and humpbacks

Researchers from New Zealand and Australia are undertaking a six-week research initiative in the Southern Ocean.

Penguin climate change
Climate Change Does Not Bode Well for Picky Eaters

In a part of the world that is experiencing the most dramatic increase in temperature.

green credit modi
Focus on climate change must shift to ‘green credit’: Indian Prime Minister

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday called for greater emphasis on generating and conserving clean.

2014 may not be hottest year on record: Report

In a twist to the claim that 2014 was the hottest year on record, NASA.