marine wild life extinct
Marine wild life about to collapse in 100 years: Study

The collapse of wildlife on land due to human activity is about to recur in.

freezing technology
Novel minerals processing technique developed from waste water treatment

Freezing technology can be utilised in waste water treatment.

Polar Bear
Polar Bears Shifting to Areas with More Sea Ice

In a new polar bear study published last week, scientists from around the Arctic have.

Sea turtles use magnetic fields to find their birth place

Adult sea turtles find their way back to the beaches where they hatched by seeking.

Nasa tempertaure change
NASA, NOAA Find 2014 Warmest Year in Modern Record

The year 2014 ranks as Earth’s warmest since 1880, according to two separate analyses

solar park india
India to train army of solar technicians

With many state governments pushing for rooftop solar power, the need for solar technicians is.

Irregular heart beat detected in marine mammals

Scientists have detected high frequency of heart arrhythmias or irregular heart beats in bottlenose dolphins.

‘Embrace African wildlife conservation laws’

Advocating ecotourism as a conservation tool, wildlife conservationist, author and former cricketer Saad Bin Jung.

Temperature rise affecting global wheat yield

For every degree Celsius rise in temperature, the world stands to lose six percent of.

‘Human activity weakened four planetary boundaries for survival’

The accelerated impact of human activity has started to destabilise our own planetary life support.