Shark female found to hold sperms for almost 4 years

Biologists from the California Academy of Sciences have found a shark egg case dropped by.

Thermal Imaging Giraffe
Disney technology to monitor giraffes at night

Researchers from Disney Research Lab, Pittsburgh, have developed a video technique for automatically detecting unusual.

underwater drones
Underwater drone maps ice algae in Antarctica

An underwater drone is helping researchers map the distribution of ice algae on the underside

Disco clams use flashing lights to keep predators at bay

A native of the Indo-Pacific region, the tiny disco clam (Ctenoides ales) gives

Poachers kill this year’s first rhino in Assam

Poachers Sunday killed this year’s first one-horned rhino in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park and took.

Two detained in connection with killing of lions in Tanzania

Tanzanian police detained two suspects in connection with the killing of six lions near the.

Volcanic eruption not behind Neanderthals’ disappearance

While dismissing volcanic eruption as causing the disappearance of the Neanderthals, a new study shows.

Dumpling squids prioritise sex over safety

Dumpling squids prioritise reproduction over safety, a new research shows.

New NASA instrument to accurately measure Earth’s soil

NASA is all set to launch an instrument that will measure the moisture lodged in.

US cities from space
US cities brighter than German cities

German cities emit several times less light per capita as compared to similar-sized cities in.