Big Cats
Poor diet responsible for neurological disorders in big cats in captivity

Findings from a recently published research study confirm what many scientists have long suspected.

BioFuel Waste
How to make bio-fuels from wet farm waste

With pressure cooking, it is possible to turn even wet farm waste into bio-fuels, new.

How species shapeshift to tackle climate change

Some species can quickly shapeshift to cope with climate change without having to migrate or.

Indian state Kerala seeks federal support to tackle sea erosion

The Kerala government has urged the Centre to make suitable amendments to rules to bring.

Climate change threat to mussels: study

The numbers of mussels could be threatened by climate change, as it has made oceans.

Now generate green energy on-site from organic waste

Young Mexican entrepreneurs develop a bio-digestion plant capable of generating electricity from organic waste in.

No bird flu symptoms in migratory birds at Gurgaon sanctuary

The results of the samples collected from the Sultanpur National Park here have ruled avian.

Air pollution leads to adverse pregnancy outcomes

A recent study by Tel Aviv University researchers has provided new evidence linking high exposure.

Storage of radioactive waste collected in Fukushima delayed

The Japanese government has indefinitely delayed the storage of radioactive waste collected during the cleanup.

US coastal areas face major flood threats

Come 2050 and most of the US coastal areas are likely to be threatened by.