Cancer-causing chemical found in peanuts, cooking oil

Food safety regulators in a Chinese province have detected carcinogenic substance Aflatoxin in peanuts

New ‘glow’ detectors easily identify toxins, pathogens or explosives

Researchers at MIT have developed new detectors that could provide easy visual identification of specific.

Popular painkillers can turn into real killers

Paracetamol, one of the most popular painkillers, could cause fatal liver damage and even death.

Scientists track mercury poisoning risk from diets

Mercury in diets could whittle down the power of antioxidants and cause serious threats to.

Fast test for severe form of food poisoning

A fast and reliable new test under development could help people avoid a terrible type.

Your breath can tell toxic substances

Testing exhaled breath could be a swift way to tell whether people have been exposed.

BPA exposure in womb doesn’t affect male mice testes later in life

Brown University toxicologists have found that male mice exposed to Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical.

How humans avoid carbon monoxide poisoning

Scientists have figured out how humans and other organisms avoid poisoning by carbon monoxide produced.

Bugs generate power while cleaning nuclear waste

Researchers have figured out how a class of bugs can deliver double benefit — generate.

China’s environmental watchdog to ban new industrial projects till removal of toxic waste

China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, will suspend all new industrial project reviews and ban new.