9/11 firefighters ‘19 pc more likely to develop cancer’

Firefighters who were on scene at the World Trade Center in the weeks and months.

Huge toxic waste killing animals in China

Over 5,000 tonnes of highly toxic industrial waste have been dumped in a Chinese rural.

Lead poisoning in developing world alarming

Children living near battery manufacturing units in the developing world had 13 times more lead.

Mystery of kava’s toxicity still unsolved

A major study to find out why kava, a plant used to make dietary supplements.

Now, poisonous shrub Jatropha curcas may ease your pain

Researchers in Nigeria have found a natural painkiller from an extract of the poisonous shrub.

Parental exposure to plastic chemical linked to kid’s lower birth weight

A new study has found that parental exposure to bisphenol A (BPA)- a chemical used.

Exposure to toxic chemical linked to wheezing in kids

Exposure to Bisphenol A or BPA, a toxic chemical found in many consumer products, during.

Low IQ linked to pesticide exposure

Pregnant women exposed to high levels of pesticide will have children with lower IQs, say.

Rising mercury levels threaten eco-system

Traces of mercury found in albatross feathers up to 120 years old have helped determine.

Ban endosulfan: Environmentalists

Ahead of a convention in Switzerland which will deal with endosulfan pesticides, environmental groups