Chemical in toothpastes can leave unborn babies brain damaged

Toothpastes and soaps contain a chemical that can leave unborn babies brain damaged, according to

Air pollution ‘costs us 6 months of our lives’

Air pollution from vehicles and power stations is reducing life expectancy in the UK by.

Is nanosilver in consumer products threatening human life?

Beware! Scientists have warned that unusually large amounts of nanosilver used in consumer products

Tiny particles in computers, shampoos ‘can adversely affect lungs’

A new study by the University of Edinburgh has shown that tiny particles used in.

Chemicals in cigarettes, French fries ‘can increase Alzheimer’s risk’

A research has concluded that exposure to a group of chemicals known as type-2 alkenes.

Food wrapper chemicals ‘causing blood contamination in humans’

Chemicals used to line junk food wrappers and microwave popcorn bags are migrating into food.

Fragranced products emit unlisted ”toxic” chemicals, shows study

A new study has shown that widely used fragranced products – including those that claim.

Exposure to plastics chemical linked to reduced semen quality

A Kaiser Permanente study found that increasing urine BPA (Bisphenol-A) level was significantly associated

Hair straightening agents could be cancerous health hazards

A public alert has been issued over concerns raised by Portland-area hair salons about a.

Soon, solar-power ‘Seaswarm’ robots to clean up oil spills in 30 days

Scientists may soon bring in a swarm of solar-powered robots to clean up Gulf oil-type.