Fertilizer chemicals harm reproductive functions of water organisms

North Carolina State University toxicologists have found that fertilizer chemicals pose danger to creatures

DNA can predict which Chernobyl species are at risk of radioactive damage

DNA could be the key to predict which species In Chernobyl are likely to be.

BP drugs could help fight frailty

Scientists have claimed they’ve found a way to use blood pressure drugs to combat muscular.

Exposure to plastics chemical BPA may harm sperm quality

Researchers have found that urinary concentrations of chemical Bisphenol A, or BPA, may cause decreased

Chemicals behind rise of ‘gender-bending’ fish in southern Alberta

Chemicals in two rivers in southern Alberta are likely causing feminisation of fish, say researchers.

Coriander, turmeric key to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Curry spices such as coriander and turmeric could help cut down greenhouse gas emissions, according.

Debates rage over impact of oil dispersants in Gulf

Scientists are worried about the increasing amounts of oil

‘315bn pounds of plastic in oceans right now’

An ocean conservationist has claimed that there is approximately 315 billion pounds of plastic in.

Exposure to air pollution linked to reduced heart rate variability

A new study has revealed that in patients with pre-existing heart or lung disease, exposure.

Pesticides ‘put the unborn at cancer risk’

Pesticides put pregnant women at greater risk of having children with cancer, say researchers.