Why presence of mercury in seawater is more dangerous

The presence of mercury in seawater can be a threat to the health of people.

Exposure to arsenic in drinking water has fatal consequences

Exposure to arsenic in drinking water – even at low levels – increases the risk.

LCD television waste ‘could help prevent bacterial infections’

The fastest growing waste in the EU could soon be helping to combat hospital infections,.

Simple polymer-based filter cleans water, recovers oil

A University of Pittsburgh engineering professor has developed a technique for separating oil from

Air pollution may raise risk of developing type 2 diabetes in women

Traffic-related air pollution may increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in women, says.

Shampoos, detergents ‘form harmful substance in wastewater’

Certain ingredients in shampoo, detergents and other household cleaning agents may be a source of.

9/11 workers lost ability to smell, detect irritants: Study

A study has found that workers exposed to the complex mixture of toxic airborne chemicals.

Perfumes contain ‘hidden harmful chemicals’

Several perfumes contain undeclared chemicals that may have serious health implications, according to a report.

Researchers come up with ‘green’ way of decomposing BPA-containing plastic

Fungi may provide an eco-friendly way of decomposing polycarbonate plastic waste containing

Researchers developed a novel method for the decomposition of cyanide from the jewellery industry

Nov. 6 – The jewellery industry produces approximately 20 metric tons of cyanide which is.