Sumatran Tiger Survival Threatened by Deforestation

A research expedition tracked endangered tigers through the Sumatran jungles for a year and found.

‘Embrace African wildlife conservation laws’

Advocating ecotourism as a conservation tool, wildlife conservationist, author and former cricketer Saad Bin Jung.

Thermal Imaging Giraffe
Disney technology to monitor giraffes at night

Researchers from Disney Research Lab, Pittsburgh, have developed a video technique for automatically detecting unusual.

Poachers kill this year’s first rhino in Assam

Poachers Sunday killed this year’s first one-horned rhino in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park and took.

Two detained in connection with killing of lions in Tanzania

Tanzanian police detained two suspects in connection with the killing of six lions near the.

Big Cats
Poor diet responsible for neurological disorders in big cats in captivity

Findings from a recently published research study confirm what many scientists have long suspected.

No bird flu symptoms in migratory birds at Gurgaon sanctuary

The results of the samples collected from the Sultanpur National Park here have ruled avian.

How Australian camels turned into ‘humped pests’

The once useful Australian camels that helped the country establish its modern infrastructure are now.

Wild populations of great tits and earlier springs

What happens when climate change makes for a food timing problem for great tit populations

A Golden Gecko recovered from traders in Indian state Assam

Guwahati police arrested two people and recovered a Golden Gecko lizard from them, police said.