Bushmeat Pushes African Species to the Brink

A recent report says illegal hunting of wildlife in South African Development

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An “Animal Olympics” in China which features elephant basketball, monkey pole climbing

Chimps choose tools based on its weight

Chimpanzees use weight to pick the best tool, and monkeys beg more when they are.

Why orangutans spend most of their lives in trees

Researchers used human street athletes as models for orangutans to measure the energy required to.

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Seabirds feed their young less as they reach an age to fly the nest, but.

How wild cheetahs outpace dogs

At their highest recorded speed of 29m/s, wild cheetahs easily outstrip the fastest greyhounds

Milwaukee’s Orangutans `could soon video chat` with friends in other zoos

After introducing iPads to Orangutans at a Milwaukee zoo, zookeepers are now planning to provide

Crows have advanced learning abilities

New Caledonian crows can learn to use new types of tools, a new study has.

Southern elephant seal can travel 18,000 miles

Experts have claimed that a Southern elephant seal can travel as far as 18,000 miles,.

Large birds like ostriches have bloodless erections

The penis of large birds like ostriches is enlarged not by blood as seen in.