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differential splicing

DiffSplice, tool to detect the differential splicing events with RNA-seq

The RNA transcriptome varies in response to cellular differentiation as well as environmental factors, and can be characterized by the Incoming search terms:RNA seqrna sequencingdiffsplicerna-seq ...

Biocondutor Packages for Analyzing Chip-seq Data

BayesPeak - Bayesian Analysis of ChIP-seq Data, This package is an implementation of the BayesPeak algorithm for peak-calling in ChIP-seq data. Incoming search terms:Peakseqchip-seq ...

Nebula – a web-server for advanced ChIP-seq data analysis.

Nebula is for both bioinformaticians and biologists. It is based on the Galaxy open source framework. Galaxy already Incoming search terms:chip-seq analysis pipelinechip seq analysis ...
easy RNA seq

easyRNASeq: a bioconductor package for processing RNA-Seq data.

RNA sequencing is becoming a standard for expression profiling experiments and many tools have been developed in the past few years to analyze RNA-Seq Incoming search terms:r bioconductor ...
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Tools to remove adapter sequences from next-generation sequencing data

List of various tools to detect and trim adapter sequences from sequencing data. Cutadapt Cutadapt removes adapter sequences from high-throughput sequencing data. This is usually necessary ...

deepBlockAlign: a tool for aligning RNA-seq profiles of read block patterns

deepBlockAlign is a tool for the alignment of two RNA-seq read patterns. The analysis starts from closely spaced blocks of Incoming search terms:deepblockalign: a tool for aligning ...
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