Google Hangout offering free one-minute International calls

The search engine providers, Google, is now offering one minute free international calls via Google Hangouts to selected countries.

“Starting today you can make voice calls from Hangouts on Android, iOS and the web. It’s free to call other Hangouts users, it’s free to call numbers in the U.S. and Canada, and the international rates are really low. So keeping in touch is easier and more affordable than ever” announced Amit Fulay, Product Manager on Google Blog.

To get started on Android, just grab the new version of Hangouts (v2.3, rolling out over the next few days), then install the accompanying dialer to turn on voice calls. On iOS and the web, voice calls will be available the next time you open the app.

Almost all calls to the U.S. and Canada are free from all countries where Hangouts calling is available. A few U.S. and Canadian destinations will cost USD 1 cent per minute depending on the specific phone number. The 1-cent rate may vary depending on the local currency. You can look up the cost through the calling credit page for your Google Account. You also can make calls to destinations outside of the U.S. and Canada with low international rates.

This offer is valid until the end of 2014. Calling isn’t available from some countries, such as Mexico and Argentina. For the rest of 2014, the first minute of most calls to 25 countries are free, and you’ll be charged for each minute after. Calls where the first minute are free will say, “First minute free” on the call screen. If you don’t see this message, you’ll be charged for the first minute.

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To receive the first minute of your call free, you need to:

  • Add calling credit to your Google account.
  • Make one call at a time. If you try to make more than one call at the same time through Hangouts, only one of them will get the first minute free.
  • Call one of the 25 countries where the first minute is free, subject to usage and abuse limits

Google says if there are a large number of calls being placed per day, some calls may not be eligible for the first minute free promotion.

The first minute will be free for calls to the following countries:

Below is the list of countries eligible to make these calls.

Dominican Republic
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

Further information can be obtained from Google Hangouts’ support page.

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