Feline friends can give you allergies

People keen to own kittens, beware! A study has found adults, who never owned a.

Diesel exhaust and house dust worsen asthma

Scientists have found that diesel exhaust particulates (DEP) and house dust extract (HDE) causes pulmonary.

Allowing kids to be picky eaters puts them at risk for allergies

Scientists have warned that allowing children to be picky eaters may make them prone to.

Nighttime air purification device eases persistent asthma symptoms

Scientists have found that a simple device that filters out airborne asthma triggers during sleep.

Room fresheners can trigger allergies, worsen asthma

Use of room fresheners and scented candles can cause respiratory problems and worsen asthma, allergists.

How to control pet allergy symptoms

Allergists have said that removing dogs and cats from your home isn’t enough to avoid.

Allergies cut risk of developing deadly brain tumors

The immune system’s response to allergies may reduce the risk of developing deadly brain tumours,.

Free toys of dust mites by easy methods

Dust mites on soft toys which can cause asthma among children, can be effectively removed.

Humidity aggravates nasal congestion

Sinus disease, triggered by infection or allergy, is a common yet highly irritating medical condition.

Moderate alcohol intake could cut asthma risk

A new study has suggested that drinking alcohol in moderate quantities have the potential to.