Iron supplements could prevent life-threatening blood clots

A new research has indicated that iron supplements could be used to prevent deep vein.

Soon, ‘elixir of life’ pill that can let us live to 150!

A wonder pill that can slow the ageing process is likely to become available within.

Drug stops hair going grey

A wonder pill which is being developed can stop hair from turning grey

Three share Nobel prize for medicine

Three scientists shared the 2011 Nobel Prize for Medicine announced here Monday

China needs half a million traditional doctors

China needs over half a million professionals trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) over the.

Even mild cognitive impairment ups death risk

Even mild cognitive impairment can significantly increase the risk for death, scientists say

‘Medications study in most influential medical journals can be misleading’

A new research has suggested that studies about medications published in the most influential medical.

Now, a new own body cells anti-ageing jab that won’t freeze face like Botox

A new kind of anti-aging treatment that plumps up the skin by injections of ones.

Soon, a ‘red wine wonder pill’ to cure obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer

Now, you can eat as much as you like without putting on extra pounds. And.

Now, a new drug that could heal broken hearts

Clinical studies by experts in San Francisco and at Hull University have found a new.