Gene May Help Identify Risk of Alzheimer’s in African Americans

Researchers at Mayo Clinic in Florida participated in a nationwide study that found minor differences.

Genetic anomaly linked to Alzheimer’s disease

A common genetic abnormality predisposes one to Alzheimer’s, a new study has shown.

First ever Alzheimer’s diagnosis validated

More than a century after Alois Alzheimer identified dementia, researchers have

High-carb diets tend to raise Alzheimer’s risk

Seniors gorging on a carb rich diet are four times more likely to develop mild.

Shoes with in-built GPS to help Alzheimer’s patients

Shoes fitted with a miniature GPS system to locate Alzheimer’s patients

Drinking mineral water can prevent Alzheimer’s

Drinking a litre of mineral water every day can prevent and even reverse the devastating

How caffeine intake may help cut Alzheimer’s risk

Caffeine consumption has been linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease in recent studies.

Computational intelligence opens up new avenues in Alzheimer’s research

Research has compared gene expression levels in regions

More Indians falling pray to Alzheimer’s disease

With an increasing elderly population falling prey to it, Alzheimer’s disease, a kind of dementia,.

Alzheimer’s takes more rapid toll on women than men

A study has found that women suffering from Alzheimer’s deteriorate faster than men – even.