Alcohol consumption bad for heart

If you thought one drink per day is good for your heart, be prepared to.

Donate blood to keep your heart healthy

If you are a shift worker, donating blood could be an easy way to reduce.

Heart transplant patient’s mother salutes Chennai

The mother of a 21-year-old woman who got a new heart saluted Tuesday the authorities,.

BP drug may induce metabolic side-effects in elderly

The elderly who take thiazide diuretics to manage high blood pressure are at a greater.

High BP medicines may increase vision loss risk

Certain blood pressure lowering medications may have dangerous side effects as researchers have found a.

World’s first implantable device to reduce high BP

Not been able to control blood pressure even after gulping pills? Soon, an implantable device.

New design to make batteries last for 50 years?

If you have a pacemaker, you may no longer have to go under the knife.

Embrace ‘green exercise’ to keep BP normal

Outdoor exercise could be more beneficial than indoor workouts as a study has found that.

A watermelon a day can keep BP away

Summer is here, so are watermelons. Do not miss to pick one today as a.

Risks related to heart disease on world meet agenda

Risks associated with cardiovascular diseases, especially high salt intake, will be discussed at a global.