Junk food commercials trigger unhealthy choices among kids

Junk food commercials on pizzas and burgers during TV programmes influence food choices among children.

Depression in parents, grandparents bad for kids

Children whose parents and grandparents are suffering from depression are at a higher risk of.

Morphine after childhood surgery may be life threatening

Treating post-operative pain with morphine can cause life threatening respiratory problems in some children who.

Stress during pregnancy can affect baby’s development

Stress hormones in the mother can affect foetal development

Advanced 3D facial imaging may detect autism early

Using advanced 3D facial imaging techniques, researchers at University of Missouri have identified facial measurements.

Higher sense of autonomy make toddlers smarter

Children with a higher sense of autonomy are likely to possess stronger mental skills

Napping boosts infants’ memory

While babies devote the majority of their time to sleeping, researchers have now found that.

Music eases kids’ pain after surgery

An Indian-origin scientist from Northwestern Medicine and his daughter have found that

Angry Child
Gene decides why some kids turn into troubled adults

Researchers from North Carolina-based Duke University have identified a gene variant that may serve as.

Text Message
Text message reminders push influenza vaccination in kids

Sending text message reminders with educational information on the importance of the second dose of.