Multi-vitamin supplement improves pregnancy outcomes

A multi-vitamin administered daily to pregnant women can help curb infant mortality in developing countries.

Kids must undergo vision health screening regularly

All children should undergo vision health screening between age 36 and 72 months

Sleep twitches connected to brain development in babies

Know how newborn babies learn about their bodies? By twitching in their sleep

App to alert forgetful parents about kids

Have you ever forgotten your baby in the car? Pay more attention as the baby.

Lead in teeth as kid can reveal origin later

The lead that gets accumulated in children’s teeth as they inhale dust and ingest soil.

Learning about sun damage from Bieber’s ‘big bang’

Justin Bieber may often be blamed for bad influences, but there is something he has.

Maths, reading ability ruled by same genes in kids

Don’t know why your kid is scared of maths? Check his reading ability first as.

Early music lessons boost kids’ brainpower

Tired of using methods to improve your kid’s overall performance

Honest tales prompt kids to speak truth

If you wish to keep your children on the straight and narrow, tell them stories.

App to make your fussy kid eat

Do you find your kids’ mealtime frustrating as he/she throws tantrums, refuses to try new.