Nearly 1,700 US teens turn mothers per week: Report

Births to younger teens aged between 15 and 17 have declined over the past 20.

Violence against kids at home goes unreported: Study

Children witness a lot of domestic violence that is often not reported to the police

Kids negatively influenced by tobacco ads online

An increasing number of youngsters exposed to tobacco marketing are being influenced by it

Day care for poor kids may improve their health later

Children born into poor families are sicker and die earlier than their well-off counterparts, particularly.

Setting clocks ahead may advance heart attack: Study

Do you advance your clock to deal with the Monday morning blues? How you set.

Strong muscles in kids lower heart disease, diabetes risk

Teenagers with stronger muscles have a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes later in.

Don’t let your kid turn into a couch potato!

Parents, control your kids’ TV watching as research links high TV time and junk food.

Obesity prevention sessions can lower kids’ blood pressure

Have you got your obese kid enrolled in a gym, yoga centre or a fat.

Peer pressure works best on kids reducing soft drinks

Are you finding it difficult to persuade your kids from gulping too many cans of.

Economic growth not helping malnourished kids: Study

If you think economic growth ushers in an all-round development for every section of the.