White kids more prone to asthma from air pollution

White children suffer from asthma due to higher exposure to traffic-related air pollution (TRAP) more.

Simple blood test to predict obesity in kids

Researchers have discovered a simple blood test that reads DNA to predict obesity levels in.

One million kids suffer from TB annually: Study

As the world observes World TB Day Monday, a shocking research reveals that despite improved.

Meaningful activities can help children with Down’s Syndrome’

Keeping activities meaningful and enjoyable, and working on computers can help children with Down’s Syndrome.

US kids falling prey to infections by drug-resistant bacteria: Study

More kids in the US are developing infections caused by a concerning type of antibiotic-resistant.

IVF comes with risk of birth defect

In-vitro fertilization (IVF), which came as a boon to infertile couples, is not without its.

Premature babies getting fresh blood fare no better

Acutely ill premature babies who received fresher blood fare no

Fast-food logos light up kid’s brains

The appetite centres of children’s brains light up when they are shown

Kids prefer tech gadgets to clothes for new school year

Young kids aged 8 to 18 would rather have a smartphone, laptop or tablet than.

Kids’ self-control linked to their BMI as adults

Young children, who practise self-control and delay gratification longer in terms of eating habits the.