Infants of obese mums grow more slowly

Pregnant obese women’s added weight, apart from causing them a host of health complications, also.

Mums-to-be exposed to microwave ovens up offspring’s risk of obesity

In-utero exposure to relatively high magnetic field levels is associated with a 69 percent increased.

New video teaches kids `how to brushy’

A new video may help parents get their kids follow good dental habits

Early toilet training could `harm potty prodigies`

Parents who pressurise their children to potty train before the age of three may be.

How to inspire kids to eat more veggies

Two new studies may make it easier for moms to get their kids to eat.

TV habits can foretell kids’ fitness

Each hour of TV that a two to four-year-old watches elevates the risk of a.

Autumn babies likelier to live to 100

Autumn babies born between the months of September and November are more likely to cross.

Questionnaire filled by parents may help identify 1-year-olds at autism risk

31 percent of children identified as at risk for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) at 12.

Uncircumcised boys more susceptible to urinary tract infections

Uncircumcised boys are at higher risk of urinary tract infection, regardless of whether the urethra.

Dogs and cats may help kids escape respiratory illnesses

Dogs and cats might offer protection against respiratory illnesses in the first year of an.