Math anxiety more likely to affect girls` performance than boys

A number of school-age children suffer from mathematics anxiety and, although both genders’ performance is.

Britain’s worst whooping cough outbreak: Five babies die

In what is being termed as Britain’s biggest whooping cough outbreak in 20 years, at.

56 Cambodian kids die of unknown disease

) At least 56 children have been killed by an unknown disease in Cambodia in.

Cheer up ladies, for your babies’ sake

Expectant mothers can benefit a lot by staying happy in their daily life

80 pc tweens obsess about dieting

Around 80 percent of all 10-year-old girls have dieted at least once in their lives,.

Disabled kids likelier to face and engage in bullying

Students affected with ‘observable’ disabilities much more likely to bully, and be bullied in school,.

Babies born early likelier to face learning and development woes

The longer a baby stays in the womb, the better it is for its long-term.

Tiniest, largest foetuses at greater risk of stillbirth

The lightest and the heaviest foetuses are at much higher risk of being stillborn than.

Standing long hours affects babies’ growth

Pregnant women who work more than 25 hours a week and those who stand “often”.

Doggy dust protects against respiratory infection: Study

Dust found in a house with dogs may help protect children against a common respiratory.