National panel to study drug abuse among children

A study to gauge the extent of drugs and substance abuse by children will be.

Parental neglect turns kids into couch potatoes

Parental neglect is turning kids into couch potatoes, rather than the much maligned TV, say.

Parental neglect turning children into couch potatoes

Parental neglect is turning children into couch potatoes, two new studies say.

Toddler’s daily antics can equate to 83 rounds of boxing

It is not the mothers who should be complaining of exhaustion when they look after.

Blood test for pregnant women may predict risk of having dangerously small babies

Researchers have found a protein in the blood of pregnant women that can predict if.

Newborn babies start seeing in 3D `4 months after due date`

Newborn babies, who were thought to begin seeing in stereo almost four months after their.

Teens eating more than 4 meals per day thinner

It is said that keeping up healthy eating habits is the key to preventing obesity

How to make kids more active

Children are more active if their TV time is restricted or they are involved in.

‘Marital discord creates emotional problems in children’

Marital discord between parents, especially during kindergarten years, is long lasting and can cause emotional.

Computer therapy may help reduce anxiety disorder in kids

Researchers are pursuing a new method to address childhood anxiety over concerns that one in.