Persistent sleep apnea can lead to behavior and learning problems

Children with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are likely to have behavior and learning problems if.

Can’t get kids to eat veggies? Try smiling

Psychologists have discovered that children are likelier to try foods that they do not normally.

Bill Gates splurges $1.1m on bracelets to monitor kids” attentiveness

Bill Gates wants to fit school students with mood bracelets to see how interested they.

Abnormal breathing in sleep triggers hyperactivity in kids

Young children who have difficulty in breathing while asleep tend to develop hyperactivity

Stress-free babies develop fewer allergies

Infants with low concentrations of cortisol, a stress-related hormone, in their saliva develop fewer allergies

Risk factors during initial stages of pregnancy may predict stillbirth

Risk factors that could be ascertained at the start of pregnancy, such as previous stillbirth.

Why buttercups glow yellow under your chin

The distinctive glossiness of the buttercup flower (Ranunculus repens), which children like to shine under.

4-day-old baby survives after complex surgery

A four-day-old baby girl suffering a rare disorder — Thornwaldt’s Cyst (TC) in the nasopharynx.

Childhood cancer survivors do not raise kids’ risk of birth defects

Kids of childhood cancer survivors are not at an increased risk for birth defects stemming.

Diabetic mums-to-be put kids’ long-term health in danger

Women who develop diabetes while they are pregnant, or become pregnant while being overweight, put.