Discovery holds promise for decoding elusive bacteria

A new discovery into one bacteria group that has posed a particular challenge for researchers.

New treatment for gum disease in diabetics

Going to the dentist may not be fun but for those with periodontal disease related.

Red wine can fight cavities too

For red wine lovers, there is another bubbly news. According to new research, red wine,.

Depression, anxiety may lead to teeth loss

Dental decay and tooth loss may not be simple medical problems and psychological issues such.

Are you brushing properly? Toothbrush will tell you

A toothbrush being developed will tell you if you are not brushing properly

Shark teeth have naturally built-in `toothpaste`

The dense, flat and crushing teeth of sharks contain fluoride keeping that is an active.

Seaweed can help fight teeth decay

Better protection against tooth decay can be provided by adding enzymes from seaweed microbes to.

Dental plaque may up risk of premature cancer death

An observational study has suggested that persistent dental plaque may increase the risk of dying.

Brush your teeth to avoid cancer!

Failing to brush your teeth properly could increase the risk of dying prematurely from cancer,.

World’s first teeth grew outside of mouth before moving into oral cavity

The world’s first teeth grew outside of the mouth before later moving into the oral.