Sex doll makers invent human look-alike robot for dentists to work on

A sex doll maker has invented a robot that can open its mouth, cough, sneeze.

Unique approach to ‘improve dental hygiene in dementia patients’ found

A pilot study by a team of nurses has now found a tailored approach to.

Bone-creating protein may improve dental implant success, say scientists

Georgia Health Sciences University researchers suggest that using a bone-creating protein to augment the

Fluoride layer too thin to protect teeth

Fluoride in some toothpaste and mouthwash, believed to prevent tooth decay, may actually be

Bottle-feeding linked to tooth decay in infants

In wake of rising rates of severe tooth decay in infants as young as 12.

Women putting their health at risk by using DIY teeth-whitening: Scientists

Dentists have warned that young women are jeopardising their health by using DIY teeth-whitening

Frequency of eating candy raises cavity risk rather than the amount

A paediatric dentist in the US has suggested that it is better for kids to.

Pilot safety protocol could help reduce dental surgery errors

Dentists and pilots – both are professions that have no room for the smallest error,.