Make more friends to shed those extra kilos

Online dieters who log in regularly lose more than eight percent of their body weight.

20-minute daily walk cuts early death risk

A brisk 20-minute walk each day is enough to reduce an individual’s risk of early.

Isotonic drinks do not improve sports performance: Study

Isotonic beverages that soccer players and other sportsmen usually drink during breaks in matches do.

Achieve toned midriff with right food, exercise

Celebrities always inspire the commoners with their flat, toned stomachs

Athletes! Form rivalries to win medals

When it comes to sports, forming rivalries with opponents could motivate you to perform better

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Ever wondered why men with thinning hairlines find it so difficult to build muscles even.

Learn Tai Chi exercises for longer, healthier life

Searching for the elusive fountain of youth? Begin Tai Chi classes as the traditional Chinese.

Add sex to exercise for better calorie burning!

Can we compare the bedroom act with a real workout in terms of calorie consumption.

After 24, cognitive motor skills begin to fall

If you are 24, you have already reached your peak in terms of your cognitive.

Regular aerobic exercise may prevent dementia

Take up regular aerobic exercise to slow down the advance of dementia and other signs.