African Union to launch SMS resource mobilisation campaign against Ebola

The African Union (AU) will be launching the “Africa Against Ebola” SMS resource mobilisation campaign.

Early detection can bring down mother-to-child transmission of HIV

Kunti Devi, a 39-year-old HIV positive patient, put her to-be-born child at risk of acquiring.

Suspected Ebola patient being investigated in Pakistan

A suspected Ebola patient was detained by health officials at Karachi airport Monday.

Women leaders to work for better hygiene

Women leaders from different religions, countries and groups came together on the banks of the.

Half million people affected by HIV/AIDS in China

The number of HIV/AIDS cases in China had touched 497,000 by the end of October,.

A new study reveals new ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo

While an Ebola epidemic has been raging in West Africa since March 2014, an outbreak.

Take Clean India campaign to social media: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Thursday urged people to upload pictures and videos of dirty places

Cheapest solar powered eToilet for schools unveiled

Eram Scientific, manufacturers of the country’s first eToilet, here Tuesday unveiled the world’s cheapest unmanned

Global coalition needed to stop organ traffickers: Study

Organ trafficking could be more widespread than currently reported and a concerted international effort is.

Researchers map areas at risk of Ebola outbreak

An international collaboration of researchers has mapped regions most at risk of an Ebola outbreak.