People with a ‘sweet tooth’ really are ‘kinder’

A new study has found people who like tucking into chocolates and other confectionery delights,.

How psychopaths’ own tweets could get them busted

Scientists are trying to discover if we can spot a psychopathic killer using anything he.

20 million need mental health care: Expert

Around 20 million people in India need medical treatment for serious mental disorders, with a.

Envy, disengagement may lead to workplace sabotage

A new study has revealed that employees who envy co-workers are more likely to sabotage.

You can literally ‘wash away your troubles and pain’ with soap

You can indeed wash away your troubles and pain with soap and water, a US.

You are what you have experienced

In addition to our genes, our life experiences are important influences on our levels of.

False, illusory memories can still be salutary

False memories do not always bring harm, but are evolutionarily adaptive and remain useful for.

Collective feeling drives people to offer bribes

Researchers at the University of Toronto, including one of an Indian-origin, have found a surprising.

Intelligence may be deciding factor behind individual being ‘good or great’

A Michigan State University scientist has refuted a popular theory that intelligence only goes so.

Workplace stress dubbed ‘Black Death of 21st century’

Stress has become the most common cause of long-term sick leave in Britain, a new.