How to cope with stress

Stress when left unmanaged can lead to health problems, say University of Alabama

How self-discipline works

Researchers believe that gaining a clearer understanding of how self-control works

Netherlands records rise in euthanasia cases

A total of 13 psychiatric patients in The Netherlands were helped to end their life.

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Researchers have identified anxiety as a more important risk factor in long-term sick leave than.

Why people don’t perform well when stressed

Researchers have discovered why stressed persons are more likely to lapse back into habits than.

Bright brains fall foul of nonsensical words

The human brain often do not even notice key words that can change the whole.

Potential target for treating depression identified

Scientists have found a novel molecular mechanism responsible for the most important symptom of major.

Anxiety may lead to premature aging

A common form of anxiety, known as phobic anxiety, was found to be associated with.

Training can help boost visual ability

Until now it has seemed an irreparable limitation of human perception that we strain to.

Hormone curbs depression-like symptoms in stressed mice

A hormone with anti-diabetic properties also reduces depression-like symptoms in mice, according to a new.