Decisions taken by two heads not always better than one

Important boardroom decisions and those relating to family matters are often taken by a number.

Small groups can stifle individual intelligence

Henry Fonda’s character in the classic movie ’12 Angry Men’ sways a jury with his.

Sticking to values activates ‘ethics’ part of brain

Sticking to values even in the face of temptations, including money, activates an area of.

Great apes too make sophisticated decisions

The great apes too seem human in making sophisticated decisions, based on what they know.

Ability to love begins from earliest infancy

A new study has revealed that the ability to trust, love, and resolve conflict with.

Shift workers likelier to face social exclusion

People who work non-standard hours are less likely to feel integrated into the society, a.

Long-held myths about psychopaths busted

Rather than being one condition, psychopathy appears to be a multifaceted condition marked by blends.

Daily crossword or sudoku could be key to battling dementia

Simple activities like solving puzzles, gardening, making snacks and singing can halt progression of dementia,.

Shakespeare could help docs understand mind-body connection better

Shakespeare was a master at portraying profound emotional upset in the physical symptoms of his.

Train your brain to be happy, and live longer

Scientific evidence now suggests that one can boost up one’s mood by training the brain.