Walking through doorways can make you forget

If you forget what you were going to do, or get, or find, after entering.

‘Concrete thinking’ training can cut depression in just 2 months

An innovative psychological treatment called ‘concreteness training’ can reduce depression in just two months and.

Presenteeism, the compulsion to attend office even when sick

Many employees feel the pressure to work even when they are sick, a practice known.

Why we just can’t resist looking at nude pics

A new study has revealed that our brain processes pictures of nude bodies more efficiently.

How we can forgive people who are being rude to us

We usually tend to dislike someone who’s being rude to us, but we may easily.

High childhood IQ linked to illicit drug use in later life

High IQ scores in childhood may be linked to illegal drug use in later life,.

Too much TV and little exercise ups depression risk

Scientists have revealed that spending too much time watching TV can increase the risk of.

Nice guys do not actually finish last

A new study has found that dynamic, complex social networks encourage their members to be.

People don’t like to be discovered punishing others for egoistic behaviour

People select future social partners on the basis of their cooperative behaviour and not according.

Smart thinking already part of our ‘mental toolbox’

Smart thinking is not an intrinsic quality which we are born with, but instead it.